Why purchase a quality Total Aqua drinking water system?

5 Very important reasons!

  • Total Aqua use the unique CC1™ Multi-Pure Triple Action Cartridge. This 0.45 micron carbon block cartridge effectively removes chlorine, bacteria, pesticides and substantially reduces heavy metals such has lead, cadmium and copper (all of which have been found in unacceptable high levels in many Perth homes). The screw in connection gives the cartridge a "positive seal" ensuring no water can bypass the filter cartridge.
  • Total Aqua Systems use quality American made Ametec filter housings and genuine Touchflo faucets.
  • Total Aqua only use professional licensed Plumbers to install their systems. On time, quality, neat workmanship guaranteed.
  • No Ongoing Maintenance Contracts. Once installed, filter cartridge changes are made when the client decides. Cartridge life can vary due to quality of water and the amount of water used. Cartridge life is set at 15 months. A courtesy letter is posted out on an annual basis to remind the customer when the cartridges have been in place for one year and are due for a change. Cartridges can be posted out or alternatively our serviceman will call in and replace them for you.
  • A reliable company - A WA family owned and run business since 1985, priding ourselves on quality products and reliable service.